Oxygen Consulting - what's in a name ... 

Oxygen Consulting emerged from a chance conversation between David Brook and Anupam Bansal, former long-time HSBC colleagues and close friends. While enjoying coffee near Mansion House, London in early May, they both recognised a significant gap in the consultancy landscape – the absence of real hands-on expertise derived from real life change experience in banks and fintech's.

As their discussion evolved, it was clear the importance both laid to defining clear project outcomes and ensuring their final delivery, not just adhering to timelines and costs. They were drawing from their own successes and setbacks where they understood the value of lessons learned.

Both left the meeting inspired, sparking a series of conversations over the following weeks about addressing this market need for hands-on expertise.

By late June, they had solidified their target segment, established pillars of expertise, and developed an operating model. This meant the coming together of a small group of like-minded experts as 'advisors' who will help fulfil client needs in each pillar. Recognising the importance of values, they dedicated substantial time to crafting a strong foundation for the consultancy they were about to launch.

Choosing the name "Oxygen Consulting" (credit to David) was a decision they both feel confident and positive about. Their mission at Oxygen is to invigorate organisations through their assignments, breathing life in to challenging situations, always striving for excellence.

The official launch took place on July 5th, 2023, and the response has been incredibly gratifying. While they acknowledge the road ahead is long, they hold ambitious aspirations and eagerly anticipate surpassing expectations with their hands-on approach.