What We Do

Whether it's building, tailoring or executing your go to market strategy, looking to modernise your IT infrastructure, automating processes or documenting procedures, working out your debt requirements and negotiating with banks, Oxygen Consulting's team have the real life hands on experience to help you overcome those challenges and maximise the opportunity.  

Payment Strategy

At Oxygen Consulting, we specialise in crafting comprehensive strategies that empower companies to grow.  Our tailored approach includes expert guidance across all elements of cash management including Corporate Cards, Card Acceptance, Deposits, Domestic and Cross Border Payment’s and Go-to-Market Plans. 

With a deep understanding of the industry,  we collaborate closely with organisations to develop strategies that drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and maximise potential. 

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Debt Advisory

At Oxygen, we believe in providing practical hands on support, to help demystify funding discussions which can be a complicated process.

With decades of experience of structuring funding requests and presenting to funders balance sheet, pricing and credit committees,

Oxygen can :

  • Connect you with the right partners to secure funding.
  • Help develop strong business plans and financial models to impress investors.
  • Provide expertise to navigate negotiations and address issues or concerns.
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Technology Selection and Implementation

At Oxygen Consulting, we recognise that staying ahead in the technology landscape is difficult but often a requirement to grow.

We help companies make choices to modernise infrastructure, to access to new markets or to fortify IT governance and controls. 

Alongside our partners we bring a proven capability to translate stakeholder goals into practical, realistic, and achievable delivery roadmaps.

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Oxygen Consulting is at the forefront of driving innovation through Automation.

Leveraging the power of AI-driven automation, will empower companies to streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, letting technology do the work.

Our solutions not only transform through hyper automation capabilities but enable companies to consider automation across the entire supply chain.

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Regulatory Compliance

At Oxygen Consulting, we recognise the unique challenges that companies face in navigating the regulatory landscape.

With our extensive experience collaborating with businesses across Corporates and Financial Services means we understand the significance of compliance.

We offer our specialised knowledge to help your business not only comply but thrive.

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